Our swarms

A beekeeper is above all a bee breeder, the choice of his bee species is important since it will determine the way of working and the monitoring to be carried out on your apiary.


Today we are working with strains of so-called Buckfast bees fertilized and hybridized locally. Our queens are marked and selected and do not come from import.


To ensure the renewal of aging queens and to compensate for the current mortality of bees, we produce numerous swarms each year. These swarms are for our use and for resale to interested individuals and professionals. The swarms are available on frames or directly in a hive.

For the production of honey we work with Langstroth beehives but for the breeding of swarms we have Langstroths and Dadants beehives and frames.

For any questions, particularly regarding availability, do not hesitate to  Contact us !

If you wish to reserve a swarm you must do so directly via the articles below:



les essaims buckfast de la ruche monnier