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We are a family business on a very small scale! We are very faaaaaar of retail giants like Amazon. We manage several fronts at the same time: hives, packaging, sales, suppliers, communication, accounting etc... So we do the best we can with our means 💪

In return, we offer a more personal relationship. No relocated customer service, no paid number.

You will surely find answers below and on the pages of this site if it is not there you cancontact us via this link.

  • Origin of products
    Our raw products such as honeys and hive products come from our hives :) The gingerbreads are produced by us, the processed products are made in France by our suppliers.
  • What are the differences between all the honeys?
    Two essential elements: the taste and the texture vary between each honey. The taste depends on the season and the place of harvest, in fact we transhume (move) our hives during the year. The texture depends on each honey and the work done on it. Creamy honeys are cooled and stirred to be "soft" and easy to spread. We try to be as precise as possible on our product sheets, so don't hesitate to take a good look.
  • Why are not all honeys the same price?
    For each honey it is a different harvest and therefore different volumes of honey. Honeys harvested in large quantities are sold cheaper than those that we have little in stock. The honeys harvested farthest from our honey house are also more expensive to produce.
  • Honey and crystallization
    And yes it happens! Because of its composition, honey tends to form crystals over time. It depends on the type of honey and the storage temperature. On the contrary, if it is hot, your creamy honey will tend to become liquid. Don't worry, these phenomena do not alter the properties of the honey, it remains perfectly edible.
  • How does the payment work?
    On the site you can directly via credit card thanks to our service provider Stripe. Bank details are protected by an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption process. You can pay offline by sending us a check payable to La Ruche Monnier and send it to us at La Ruche Monnier, la Bartasse, 34800 Lieuran Cabrières. In cash on deliveries by us.
  • Why a minimum order?
    We prepare all orders by hand! No robot, no dedicated employee. We have neither the time nor the logistics to prepare packages of a few euros. Feel free to group your orders with your family, friends or others. Otherwise you are welcome in the markets.
  • Shipping charges
    We are fully aware of the additional cost of delivery and that it can seem exorbitant when today the delivery is free on many sites... These sites defer the costs to the products, we have decided to separate the two to be transparent. And we don't have the bargaining power of e-commerce giants sorry. The shipping costs depend on the weight of your order as well as your delivery method, delivery to a relay point is less expensive than home delivery!
  • What are the delivery times?
    Delivery times depend on the carrier chosen, faster at home, a little longer at a relay point. On average in 2021, home deliveries arrived at their destination 5 days after the order was placed and deliveries to pick-up points arrived at their destination 9 days after the order. Please note that these are averages and that many factors can impact delivery times.
  • How are my products shipped?
    We offer several possibilities: at a pick-up point, which is the most economical, or directly at home. The products are carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery: thick cardboard and individually wrapped jars. Our boxes are all recycled, as for bubble wrap we haven't found a better alternative yet!
  • Receive your package
    Before receiving your package and before you can enjoy our products, we would like to inform you of a few points to ensure a good delivery: - signing the delivery note commits you and cannot therefore be the subject of any complaint in the absence of precise and characterized reservations, written in the presence of the delivery person. - imperatively check the condition of the package before signing the delivery receipt (take the time, in any case the carrier can avoid it). - evasive mentions such as "subject to unpacking", "damage" or "open package" have no legal value.
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