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Our history

La Ruche Monnier is a family story!

It began in 1986 with our father who set up his first beehives in the Languedoc near the Lac du Salagou. He developed his small activity there and already focused his work on simple and controlled production.

We, Guilhem and Léo the two sons, decided to join the adventure and continue the work accomplished. The three of us have created a Groupement Agricole d'Exploitation en Commun (GAEC), which allows us to pool equipment and production.

Installed on the historic honey house we continue the activity!

les archives historiques de la création de la ruche monnier
les méthodes de travail de la ruche monnier

Our vision

Today we continue on the launch with several objectives in mind: autonomy, simplicity and short circuit .


We produce our own swarms and queens to renew  our hives. We take care of the harvesting, extraction, packaging and sale of the products ourselves.


Managing all the processes allows us to  to offer you tasty products with simple traceability. The objective is to remain on a human scale in order to better control all production and sales.  


Short circuit

Apart from a few grocery stores, you will find our products on our markets and on this website! We also offer the deposit on all of our glass jars to limit the environmental impact.

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