Honey candies made in France, without coloring, without artificial flavors or preservatives.

Honey pastilles are the most classic, honey-filled candies are the most delicious and finally those with pine are refreshing for the throat.

👨‍🍳 Compositions

  • Honey pastilles: sugar, glucose syrup and honey (12%).
  • Honey and pine sap lozenges: sugar, glucose syrup, honey (12%), natural pine flavor (0.1%) and menthol.
  • Honey-filled sweets: sugar, glucose syrup and honey (15%).

Why sugar and glucose? For conservation reasons: honey absorbs ambient humidity which does not allow to obtain dry candies. And for cost reasons.

📌 Produced in France

⏳ Date of minimum durability: 2 years after potting. It is the famous "to be consumed preferably before", beyond this date the candies remain fit for consumption, they can however change appearance and color.

Honey candies