Lot of 6 jars of 1 kg each, i.e. 13 € per kilo.

Price separately: 88.80 € or 14.80 € per kilo.


🍯 Flavors

It is dark, very aromatic with woody and full-bodied notes, it stays in the mouth for a long time. For lovers of robust honeys.


😋 Tasting

This honey is suitable for a cheese or a toast, very aromatic it will quickly flavor the product with which it is associated.


📌 Place of harvest

Chestnut honey is harvested at the end of July in the Haut Languedoc regional park.


📌 Origin: France

⏳ Date of minimum durability: 2 years after potting. It is the famous "to be consumed preferably before", beyond this date the honey remains suitable for consumption, it can however change appearance and color.

Lot of 6 x 1 kg of chestnut honey

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