🍯 Flavors

Lavender honey is highly sought after and a symbol of Provence. Forget what you know about the scent of lavender flower, this honey is very sweet, floral and very subtle.

😋 Tasting

With its very sweet taste, it goes well with yoghurts and tea. It is also used in the preparation of nougat from Montélimar.

💡 Creamy or liquid?

Here we leave you the choice between a creamy honey or a liquid honey but what are the differences? Honey is first liquid, but we can also make it creamy by cooling it (14 ° C) and kneading it. This allows for a thicker but spreadable honey, no large crystals here. The creamy spreads very well and avoids drips, it easily keeps its texture. Liquid honey is more versatile but may run on the bread and crystallize, i.e. solidify over time.

📌 Place of harvest

Plateau of Valensole.

📌 Origin: France

⏳ Date of minimum durability: 2 years after potting. It is the famous "to be consumed preferably before", beyond this date the honey remains suitable for consumption, it can however change appearance and color.

Lavender honey