🐝 We work with so-called Buckfast bee strains fertilized and crossed naturally and locally. Our queens are marked and selected and do not come from import. These swarms are gentle and the queen is very prolific. A wintered swarm comes from a division in late summer or early fall and treated against varroa to be ready from the start of the 2021 season.

🧱 We offer you swarms overwintered on 5 frames : either you bring a beehive / hive to transfer the frames or we provide you with a returnable hive. Note that the frames provided are straight for dadants and hoffman for langstroths.

⌛ The swarm will be available at our honey house, after confirmation of the withdrawal date by us. No shipment is possible, the removal is to be carried out by you.

Booking deposit: € 30

Price of the swarm on frames: 150 € excluding taxes

Price of the returnable beehive: 20 €

Queen of France

Reservation | Swarm 2020 wintered on 5 frames