For those who want to get started or complete their first hives, we offer you a complete and ready-to-use dadant hive with a swarm of the year on 5 frames !

We offer for 210 €:

  • A swarm with queen 2021
  • Pribois semi-wood hive body screwed with a layer of linseed oil
  • 10 straight half-wood vertical spun and waxed frames (including 5 with the swarm)
  • Rear ventilation nicot tray
  • Isoruch frame covers
  • Metal door
  • Galvanized sheet roof

The hive will be available at our honey house, after confirmation of the delivery date by us. No shipment is possible, the removal is to be carried out by you.

As an indication: swarm ready within 6 weeks.

Booking deposit: € 30

Beehive price: 210 €

Queen of France

Reservation | Dadant hive with swarm 2021